What is Roof Decking

What is Roof Decking?

The roof on your house is composed of much more than just the shingles you can see from the outside. Your roof is a mixture of various materials and components. One of those components is the roof decking.

Roof decking is one of the most important materials for your roof. The roof decking is the foundation of your entire roofing system.

Anyone who is about to replace their roof (or make roof repairs) should be aware of the importance of decking.

Priority Roofing wants to make sure that all homeowners are aware of the different parts of their roof and what they will be paying for when replacing it. We’re going to break down everything you need to understand about roof decking.

You’ll discover what roof decking is and how it works, as well as the different types, costs, and other information.

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What is roof decking?

Roof decking is the wooden board that forms the frame of your roof. Your shingles and other roof components are installed on top of these boards.

You can choose between two types of roof decking: sheet decking or plank decking.

Plank decking

Before the invention of plywood, plank decking was used as the primary type of decking. This decking is composed of rectangular and elongated wooden boards in two different sizes: 1×6 or 1×8.

This type of decking is still used today, although it is not as common.

Sheet decking

Sheathing (or sheet decking) is what it sounds like: flat sheets of wood. Sheet decking comes in two types: OSB and plywood.

OSB (oriented-strand board) is a common decking material used for roofs. It is made of wood strips/chips that are compressed to make a 7/16″ flat sheet.

Plywood is available in different thicknesses depending on the length of the rafters ( 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, and 3/4″).

OSB is most commonly used, but plywood is also widely used in homes.

The choice of which type of sheet decking you choose depends on the available wood and your budget.

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When should you replace your roof decking?

You may have to replace the decking when you get your roof replaced. The wood on your roof decking will need to be replaced if it is rotting or if its integrity has been compromised.

There will usually be a few boards to replace. Your roofing contractor will not know the exact amount of decking that needs to be replaced before they have finished tearing down your old roof.

Your roofing contractor must replace any rotten decking before he can install your roofing components. If your contractor determines that your decking is in good condition, it will be able to handle a new asphalt roof.

How much does roof decking cost?

The fluctuation in wood prices makes it difficult to determine the cost of roof decking. Wood prices will be sky-high in 2021. This could add a significant expense to the investment you made for your roof, if it needs to be replaced.

Although I cannot give exact prices, or even a price range, I am able to give you a general idea as to which decking type is more expensive. Plank decking, for example, is priced per linear foot while sheet decking is priced per sheet.

Plank decking is usually three times as expensive per square foot after factoring labor and materials. If you need to replace a large amount of plank decking, it is cheaper to use OSB 7/16″ CDX or 3/8″ CDX overtop of the existing decking.

You won’t be able to determine the final cost until you have your roofing contractor assess the type of decking and the amount that needs to be replaced.

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Roof decking code

Roof Codes will ensure that your roof is installed properly and meets your state’s code to ensure you pass an inspection. The most important roofing codes are the ones that deal with the roof deck.

In accordance with code R905.2.1 in the 2018 International Residential Code, asphalt tiles must be fixed to decks that are solidly sheathed. This code states that the roof deck, or roof sheathing, must be strong enough to support and hold your roof during installation.

It simply means that if your decking is rotten or can’t support the new roofing material, you must replace it before installing the roof according to the codes. Your roofing contractor must also follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

If your roof decking is more than 1/8″ apart, you will need to replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions by 2021 before any roofing materials can even be attached. Some roofers will lower their prices if they skip this step.

After choosing a roofing contractor, ask them to inspect the integrity of your roof decking.

Discover the other roofing materials that comprise your roof

You now know what decking on a roof is, its types, when to replace it, and much more. Decking is an important part of the roof, and it must be in good shape to protect your home.

Roof decking is only one of the many materials that are used in roof replacement. You and all homeowners should be aware of the other roofing materials that comprise your roof.

Priority Roofing is proud to serve New Orleans homeowners with their residential roofing needs. We are proud to do things the right way every time. When you choose us, you won’t have to worry again about your roof.